Headlamps All Day, Every Day

I wear headlamps anywhere and everywhere. Like this one in the video below:

That one is a good headlamp because it is really bright. I am wearing the headlamp because I need to get some work done. The lighting in the kitchen might seem normal to you, but it’s getting dark outside and when it comes to being able to see even sharpie on paper, it can be difficult for me to see it with my remaining vision. So, I have headlamps that i use very frequently. I just put new batteries in the one in the video, so you might go a bit blind if you stare at the screen for too long, but I think the bright light is PERFECT. (If you listen to the video, you can hear my son in the background pretend to be blinded by the light.) I think the light is dreamy, amazing, all those things. I do know that when I look up, people tend to writhe in pain from the brightness of it. So if you see me with a headlamp on, maybe look away when you first say my name...

That’s life with retinitis pigmentosa for you. Just to work on Blind Girl Designs I wear a headlamp. 

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