The Molly Cardigan is Born!

Well, here we are in the middle of the snow, ice, freezing, boiled water, electricity going on-and-off-thing in Texas. And, having all of this extra time to spend outside of the warehouse and not talk about production has really freed my mind. I haven’t been thinking about Blind Girl Designs or the launch or anything because the fabric isn’t here. But while I was percolating, it occurred to me exactly what to do and what the first step is to designing the first few Blind Girl Design garments.

Below is part of the fabric that I bought. It's a beautiful black, white and gray snakeskin pattern. We’re waiting for it to be shipped from the warehouse in New York/New Jersey to Houston, TX, but shipping has been delayed because of all the storms in the East Coast, and then the midwest, and now the crazy storms in Texas.

Molly Cardigan snakeskin pattern fabric.

Nonetheless, I still have some samples of the fabric, which I have 50 yards of, and those 50 yards will make 20 garments. To me, 20 garments is a great place to start. It’s a small batch, I’ll be able to figure out how the heat transfer works to get the logo onto the garments. I’ll be able to see how producing the garments will work, and I’ll be able to test out all of the packing and shipping. 

This is going to be the first fabric that I’m using because it’s the heaviest fabric.

Front side of the Molly Cardigan fabric.Backside of the Molly Cardigan fabric.

I was talking to Molly, who is doing all of our social media and communications, and she loves a cozy cardigan, but particularly she loves a cozy cardigan with pockets. With this in mind, I drew this little sketch which will be enough for Dave, who is a pattern maker, to make a pattern.

The Molly Cardigan Sketch

What he’ll see is that it’s just a long sleeve, open cardigan with patch pockets, because Molly loves patch pockets. I put three buttons on one of the pockets, which will be black, white and red like my cane. Plus, I want to use a heat transfer across the entire back of the garment for the logo and care instructions. I just think visually that will be really cool. Additionally, because the fabric is black and white, and I have the black, white, and red buttons on the pocket, wouldn’t it be cool to do all of the top stitching in red? It will be very subtle but look amazing. Putting together the fabric, stitching, buttons and logo, which are all black, white, and red, it will look really cool

So, this is what we’re going to do; We’re going to start with the Molly Cardigan. Then, step two, we’ll go to the next fabric that we have. 

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