The Fabric Came! But It’s Damaged…

Okay, so the fabric came and I should be saying, “yay the fabric came!” Except it’s I’m saying, “oh my god the fabric came and now we have to actually make some stuff.” At the same time, when the fabric came in, I quickly noticed we have a major problem.

When the fabric was delivered, it was supposed to be shrink wrapped on a pallet to protect the fabric. However, several of the rolls were not wrapped and there is dirt on the rolls. Many of the rolls are damaged and we won’t be able to use them to make garments. That’s really, really bad news. 

If you want a mental visual, it looks like the delivery company dragged the fabric rolls all the way from New Jersey to Texas. It’s not only dirty on one end, it’s dirty on both ends. I don’t really know how they managed to destroy so much fabric.

We’re going to lose a lot of yards because of the damages. 

On the other hand, the really, really exciting thing is that after about a month we have fabric. The other exciting thing is that when the fabric was delivered, I (Tricia) wasn’t at the warehouse. Dave and Jesse, his brother, were and they put it all up on the shelves and sorted it out. Since Dave is a designer, he actually sorted the fabric  by group and category. He’s organized it so well that the fabrics are also organized in the order that we’re going to use it in. 

While I’m going to need to need to reassess what I make with the now-limited fabric, I’m excited that we’re able to start moving forward on producing garments!

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