That Time I Walked Into a Knife Fight...

Since I’m traveling to Denver, Colorado this week to visit my mother, I thought it was the perfect time for my communications manager to tell you all the story of the time I walked into a knife fight. Here’s the story from Molly’s point of view:

Hi y’all, my name is Molly Casey and I am Tricia’s communications… everything. In the fall of 2018 Tricia was in Denver working with me on the first line of product for a client of MIYH Design Services. As she was staying in an AirBnb, we decided to make a trip to the grocery store (King Soopers for all my Coloradans) to stock up for the week.

On the way out of the grocery store, Tricia was using her guide cane - per usual - to make her way with me to the car. At the edge of the aisle the car was in there were two men loudly arguing as we approached. All of a sudden, one of the men pulled a knife and started at the other man. Tricia could hear the noises, but didn’t realize IT WAS RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER. Realizing she wasn’t keeping up with me, I turned around to see her nearly walk through the middle of these two men. I rushed backwards, guided her around the edge, and once we were safely in the car, I told her what happened. Thankfully she found it hysterical, while I was hyperventilating, and we got home safely. 

Moral of the story, while most of the time they’ll tell you when they need help, keep an eye out for the safety of your blind and visually impaired associates!

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