Grandma and the Veggie Tray - The First of Many Family Stories

Well, if we get to know each other, I have a lot of stories about my life. I come from a big, Irish family and we have a lot of stories. 

Today’s story comes from my mom, Grandma Kay. She’s infamous for not being a foodie. I will tell you other stories, but this is the current story which goes with the non-foodie thread. 

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and my mom brought a veggie tray to my sister’s house for the event. It appears to be a frozen veggie tray from Christmas. There, I believe, is holly on the tray (which I now know was mold…).

So this is spreading through my family like wildfire. I have four sisters and there are lots of cousins. But many stories along these lines with my mom, but this one is freaking hilarious.

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